What do you believe? University vs Ethics

My professor for an accounting class talked to us about ethics last evening. She cited EnronWorldCom, Bernie Madoff, and Phar-Mor. I’m willing to bet, you dear reader, have only heard of Enron. Perhaps a few still remember Madoff, as he only was found out in 2009; he stole more money than any man ever has alive.

ENRON, The Play

ENRON, The Play (Photo credit: Laughing Squid)

But my problem is not with these few scapegoats. It is with the financial world in general and with the University attempting to enforce ethics. My problem lies in how the University believes we should act “ethical,” but that we are evolved from primates and life is about survival of the fittest. Why should the University have any problem with me cheating and lying in order to get ahead if our existence has no real importance?

Someone from the business department might say, about fraud, that it hurts every stakeholder in the business when executives cook the books. It hurts the vendors (i.e. the company’s suppliers), investors, the board of directors, employees, and ultimately the executives themselves. My question still stands, why should I care for anyone else if I get to enjoy the ride of a lifetime?

If there’s no meaning in anyone’s existence and what is true for you might not be true for me…then can’t I justify anything?

And if you start to talk to me about axioms you essentially tell me that there is absolute truth and we just have no way of finding out what it is. Unless there are cultural axioms in which case we can’t judge someone outside of our culture. But what is a culture? There are plenty of cultures that it is okay to steal, as long as you don’t get caught. Where murdering is an acceptable means of payment. Cultures exist where it is okay to eat other humans.

Society for Business Ethics

Image via Wikipedia

Does that make any of these actions right? Absolutely not.

Every society is filled with broken, depraved people who need a savior, a messiah. Sin is ingrained into our very soul. Out of men’s hearts come all kinds of evil. It is from outside of mankind that a savior needs to come.

God has so changed my heart from depraved and dead to caring and alive. I have no issue with a liberal university attempting to teach ethics, but when they separate it from its Judeo-Christian background, it tries to ride the fence of, “No we don’t believe in any right or wrong except that we ought to accept everyone.” But they make all kinds of exceptions. American universities don’t accept people who don’t accept people. How messed up is that?




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